How an ISPO or OSPO can help to build a sustainable ecosystem

ISPOs & OSPOs for sustainable ecosystems

To begin to solve large-scale challenges, we need to become more adept at open collaboration and implementing open behaviors, practices, and systems.  One such way that is helping in many sectors is the use of Inner Source and Open Source Program Offices. In this conversation with our guests, we learn what ISPOs and OSPOs are, how to leverage them for rapid innovation, and how open collaboration and open culture aid in building sustainable ecosystems.

Guest experts include: Clare Dillon, Executive Director at InnerSource Commons; Daniel Izquierdo Cortázar, Co-founder & CEO at Bitergia and, Sayeed Choudhury, Director of OSPO at Johns Hopkins University.

This talk was organized and facilitated by Jen Kelchner & Gráinne Hamilton through the joint venture Interchange and sponsored by Red Hat.

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