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Meet Jen Kelchner

alchemist. weaver. master of transformation.
Reclaim your power. Rewrite the narrative.

I started out just like you.

I know what it’s like to stand at the edge of uncertainty, feeling the weight of potential but unsure of where to step next. Like many of you, I embarked on my journey with a heart full of dreams and a soul hungry for change.

It was a leap of faith, a daring move into the unknown, but one that would shape the course of my life forever.

Since childhood, I’ve grappled with doubts about my own gifts and talents. Immersing myself in honing business skills I became very confident. It wasn’t until I connected with wise women who were so in tune with their intuition and gifts, that I found myself caught in a cycle of doubt and imposter syndrome once again.

My story starts at this very unlikely place...

The seeds of change

My journey into the realms of transformation began in the most unlikely of places—my childhood of continuous moving. Constant change was my normal. It wasn’t until day in and out in a cubicle, limitations to growth, and the soul-suck of corporate life that I had my first awakening.

It was there, amidst the sea of desks and the shuffle of paperwork, that I first felt the stirrings of a deeper calling—a calling to break free from the chains of conformity and embrace my true purpose.

Yet, beneath the veneer of success lay a hidden truth—a truth that would reveal itself with startling clarity in November 2022. It was then that I experienced a profound cognitive and physical shutdown, a severe burnout that brought me to the brink of collapse.

In April 2023, the revelation came—a diagnosis of AuDHD, unlocking the key to a lifetime of struggles and challenges.

Embracing authenticity

With this newfound understanding came liberation—a liberation from the constraints of conformity and performance in the corporate world. I closed the chapter on a 30-year career that had demanded the suppression of my sacred self, embarking instead on a journey of balance and unearthing my truest self.

Nurturing the Gift

As an intuitive and neurodivergent individual, I possess a unique ability to perceive patterns and details that elude others. My heightened senses allow me to interpret environmental cues and navigate complexity with clarity and ease. Today, I stand before you unmasked, embracing my true identity and bringing forth all of my gifts and knowledge without filters.

Embark on the Journey

Join me as we embark on a journey of transformation—a journey fueled by authenticity, curiosity, and unwavering determination. Together, let us uncover the truth of who we are and unleash the power within. Welcome to the sanctuary of Jen Kelchner, where every soul is invited to discover their true path and embrace their destiny.

I believe that we need each other more than ever.

You might be curious about who stands behind these words. I am no ordinary guide—I am a pioneer, a catalyzer, a navigator, and an alchemist of the liminal spaces where transformation unfolds. With a track record of facilitating change and guiding individuals and organizations through profound transformation, I bring proven methodologies for growth to the table.

Passionate about discovery and driven by curiosity to unveil the unseen, I am committed to empowering true personal agency. My mission is to build a world that is not just connected, but deeply collaborative and community-driven, fueled by the essence of human-centric design. This is the heartbeat of my work, and it’s a call to action for all who seek to shape a brighter future together.

But before we can shape the world around us, we must first journey within—exploring the depths of our souls and confronting the shadows and gifts that lie dormant. My own path has been filled with twists and turns, triumphs and setbacks, but through it all, I have learned the power of authenticity, vulnerability, and resilience.

So let’s get real, real—let’s peel back the layers, confront the fears, and embrace the journey of self-mastery together. For it is only by facing our truths that we can truly embody our mastery and catalyze the change we wish to see in the world.

Jen has guided me through so much, and helped me to honor soul and spirit in ways that literally shift my life. She is intuitive and honest while being kind and gentle. I definitely recommend her!!!

Courtney, Iowa

Jen is a dynamic visionary and forward thinking leader. Jen cuts right to the heart of the situation and provides deep clarity and a road map for success. A true balance of spirituality, reality and vision! I highly and genuinely recommend Jen to help facilitate success on your personal and professional journey.

Ron M., Pennsylvania

I deeply appreciate the patient and gentle guidance I received from Jen. It came at a critical time in my life and was amazing!

Chuck, Florida

It was a great session, Jen is very intuitive and warm. She helped my find important insights and discover and clear rooted issues in this session. Many new things were uncovered and I got new understanding about old issues. I felt a lot more clear after the session and I’m looking forward to all the changes this session will bring to me. Thanks so much Jen!!

Sandra, South America

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Let's get real real

I’ve been working since I was 15 years old (not including those babysitting years starting at 11). I’ve been in the professional workforce full-time since 1991. I’ve invested all of myself, learning and doing a high-level of performance in each role and project since then. 

In 2010, after five years at Deloitte, I left and began my independent consulting career which I formalized into LDR21 LLC in 2017. I’ve had incredible success and notoriety in my circles for leadership, culture and digital transformation.  

Here’s the problem though. I have been masking my whole life and in November 2022 I had a major cognitive and physical body shutdown with severe burnout. In April 2023, I found out I am autistic and have ADHD and my severe burnout is because of NEVER BEING MYSELF. Needless to say, I am learning daily about who I am and how to operate safely in the world now.

I’ve closed the chapter on my 30-year career of how I had to present and perform in the corporate world. (This means I’m actively deconstructing “work” and corporate culture.) Now, I bring my full self and all of my gifts and knowledge when working with you – without the filters.

As an intuitive and neurodivergent, I see patterns and details others often do not, I use my heightened senses to interpret environmental information and help connect the complexity of the information with clarity and ease. 

Hello, Lovely!

I create safe, transformative spaces for powerful women to activate their mastery.