hello, i'm jen.

I create custom interventions to catalyze change.

You might be wondering just who I am. I am a pioneer, catalyzer, navigator, and alchemist of liminal spaces.

I facilitate change and guide leaders through transformation efforts with proven methodologies for growth.

I am passionate about discovery, curious about seeing the unseen, and experiencing true personal agency.

Building a more connected, collaborative, community-driven world that is fueled by human-centric design is what my work is all about.

Hi, I'm Jen and I believe that we need each other more than ever.

I’m an experienced dialogue partner and transformation expert.

If you’re like me, you’ve likely hit burnout and are questioning everything going on in the world right now. How do you deal with it? What can you do? Where do you find your own truths? How do you move forward with so many questions and too many unknowns?

I fully understand. This was how I began my own deconstruction journey a decade ago. In truth, it is me still today. Relentlessly curious and learning from my experience and the environment around me. Desperately seeking to build a better world for all humanity to live, work and thrive in.

I do believe I am here at this point and time in human history to facilitate change and create awareness so we can reconstruct a better world. Wanting to blend all of my passions and knowledge into a more holistic approach to leadership development and systems building, I blend my extensive knowledge advising leaders to bring about meaningful change. 

Let's get real real

I’ve been working since I was 15 years old (not including those babysitting years starting at 11). I’ve been in the professional workforce full-time since 1991. I’ve invested all of myself, learning and doing a high-level of performance in each role and project since then. 

In 2010, after five years at Deloitte, I left and began my independent consulting career which I formalized into LDR21 LLC in 2017. I’ve had incredible success and notoriety in my circles for leadership, culture and digital transformation.  

Here’s the problem though. I have been masking my whole life and in November 2022 I had a major shutdown with severe burnout. In April 2023, I found out I am autistic and have ADHD and my severe burnout is because of NEVER BEING MYSELF. Needless to say, I am learning daily about who I am and how to operate safely in the world now.

I’ve closed the chapter on my 30-year career of how I had to present and perform in the corporate world. (This means I’m deconstructing “work” and corporate culture.) Now, I bring my full self and all of my gifts and knowledge when working with you – without the filters.

As an intuitive, I see details others often do not, I use my heightened senses to interpret environmental information and help connect the complexity of the information with clarity and ease. 

who i've worked with

30 years of experience

"Jen is a swiss army knife - can do anything! She has strong work ethic, high standards for delivery and a can-do attitude. Jen is capable of process engineering, client relations, marketing, you name it!" 
Will Melson
President @ Broadwell Group, Inc.
"We love how she creates significant change. With her ability to cut through complexity and get to a clear outcome, we can use this as a bedrock for our future-focused innovation."
Red Hat
Global Government Leaders
"Jen brings knowledge gained through hands-on experience with a wide variety of industries. Her insights into process improvement have been invaluable to the success of our team's work."
Kevin Rowley
Executive Director, Healthcare Systems



Core Experience

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Ops & People Management
Graphic Design & Formatting
Executive & Performance Coaching
Concept Architecture & Design
Digital Transformation
Management & Strategy Consulting
Website Design & Development
Open Culture & Open Organizations