Optimizing data visualization &
vendor workflows

Strategic Consultant

About Client

The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer globally with over 2,300 stores and generating revenue of $157.4B in 2022. [per website]

Project Details

November 2014 - March 2015

Location: Atlanta, GA
The Home Depot Corporate Office

Stakeholders: Senior Leadership

Merchandising & Vendor Management

The Ask

The project was initiated to help the senior leadership in Merchandising and Vendor Management have a more visual approach to data reporting. As well as, optimizing workflows and communications for in-store merchandising vendors.

The senior leaders were encountering inconsistent delivery and set up in store locations as well as lacking visibility on daily data sets for their decision making.

My Contribution

I was the lead for the project and solo member for project completion. Additionally, I was the main interface for stakeholder management during the course of project.

I facilitated a strategic analysis and standards review and identified a number of trapped value barriers that were limiting connection and visibility between the department, external vendors, and contractors. 

Seeing the unseen &
bringing clarity to confusion

Recommendations were provided for standardizing processes and implementing accountability checkpoints and building a dashboard and scorecard for executive check-ins to reduce revenue loss by increasing resource utilization and productivity.

This comprehensive reporting tool allowed for the addition of raw data daily and for visual dashboards to filter the data in a meaningful way.

New workflows and communication packets were created for vendors to improve the merchandising install process in-store.

visibility tools designed & created
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standard revised for consistent workflow
executives collaborated with to redefine strategic processes
TUV items identified & recommended for implementation
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Trapped Value

We found that workflow was being blocked by poor documentation, inconsistent communication, and a need for updated standards for merchandising contractors.

Untapped Value

The inability to see data sets in a visual way with daily updates was hiding potential opportunities for growth and hindered decision-making.