A safe

place for all

A safe place for all.

I believe in the importance of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. Human beings are inherently valuable.

I am committed to working with individuals from all faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds. I only have one rule – don’t be an a**hole.

I stand as an ally with the LGBTQIA+ community and pledge to create a safe and welcoming environment for all.

I’m a late-diagnosed AuDHD neurodivergent. I understand your need for accommodations.  It is safe to ask how we can meet your needs.

I value and celebrate the unique perspectives and experiences that each person brings to the table. There is no judgment here.

I believe that a culture of respect and understanding leads to better outcomes for everyone.

The covenant.

This is a bit more than a social contract.  We make agreements with ourselves and others every day and often do it without intention or awareness.

Here we begin with making a sacred covenant with ourselves and the Divine first. Then with others we engage with in this space.

I am a sacred, divine being and I honor all of myself, my energy, my feelings, and my boundaries. I approach my life from the understanding that I am a holy and connected to all things. My life is lived in a way that honors my flow and my knowing as it is today.

I engage with others with empathy and kindness. My heart and ears are open as I exchange ideas and stories knowing our interconnectedness has purpose. I understand that they are as sacred and divine as I am and I honor them for who they are and where they are today.

I am respectful of others opinions and experiences even if they are wildly different than mine. I respect others time and energy by coming to sessions on time and engage in thoughtful ways with others during this experience.

This covenant with myself, the universe and others creates safe and non-judgmental containers where I can love myself and others as we grow together.

Don't be a jerk.

I believe in creating a positive and inclusive environment for everyone and adhere to a simple policy: to be welcoming and treat everyone with respect and kindness.

I kindly request that individuals refrain from engaging in any behaviors that could be deemed rude or harmful to others.

I take pride in fostering a positive and inclusive culture, where everyone feels valued and supported.

But, if you’re a jerk or want to be hateful, we will break up. Period. No refunds.

My right to refuse
& break up with you.

Working with me requires a consultation. This will give us an opportunity to see how we align and vibe.

If at any time someone is rude, abusive, or in general a jerk, I will refuse further service and communication. There are no refunds for unused service time if this is the case.  

You will be blocked and banned from any community groups as well. 

How my experience affects our work

I was raised in an evangelical christian family. My dad was a full-time minister as was my grandfather and great-grandfather. It goes deep in our family tree in almost every branch.

Around 2011, I began to deconstruct religion and sometimes I still find myself locating behaviors associated with my upbringing. I think Jesus’ teachings are amazing. I no longer align with that belief system or any other labels for that matter. My journey to healing and spirituality is as nuanced as anyone’s. 

I do find my experiences in the Church and American Christianity extremely helpful when I’m working with someone. It has helped me to understand systems of control and apply these insights to other areas of society.

I am not here to change another person or influence them with my own beliefs.  We are all on our own journey of discovery and awareness. 

I will meet you where you are today with compassion and respect as a human being.

You might choose to work with Jen if...

Are you tired of feeling like you never quite fit into the mold society set for you? Do you find yourself questioning the norms and traditions, seeking deeper meaning and connection? If so, you might want to work with me. As a neurodivergent, intuitive guide, I specialize in deconstructing the old paradigms and reshaping the world we live in. Whether you’re seeking to embed more inclusive, community-driven behaviors into your business or wanting to reconnect with your inner voice and natural abilities, I offer a safe space for unmasking and unearthing your hidden passions and desires. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of your journey, empowering you to create a more gentle, feminine-intelligent, soul-led business model that aligns with your true essence.

If you’ve felt unseen, unheard, or misunderstood your whole life, you’re not alone. I work with empowered individuals like you who are part of the rising collective seeking to overturn patriarchal and colonial structures. Through deep healing work and intuitive guidance, we’ll unravel the layers of conditioning and reclaim your power to lead authentically. Join me on this transformative journey, where together, we’ll forge a path toward liberation and collective empowerment.