from limitation to liberation

Liberate your soul's signature and shatter false structures of reality

I will use my experience and intuition to catalyze and empower you for your soul-led mastery expression.

deconstruct unmask unearth with guided mastery

I use an in-depth, multi-dimensionary
process to shatter false realities
and unearth your true form.


Deconstruct, unmask & unearth

Together, we unravel the layers of conditioning and societal programming that have shaped your beliefs and behaviors, clearing the path for profound transformation.

bring forth your mastery archetype signature

Step into your power as a visionary leader and soul-led entrepreneur, leading from the emerging future state rather than conforming to the norms of the crowd.



actively shift our society

Weave wisdom with cutting-edge methodologies and innovation to elevate your soul-led business as we craft the foundations of a new society – one of collective empowerment and liberation.

bring forth your mastery signature

You’ve been doing the work, holding the high note. You’re exhausted but also strangely excited about what is coming. What you are seeking is guidance and an expert to walk through this phase with you.

Our world is burning. And, it needs to.
It also needs empowered, soul-led leaders to build new systems, frameworks and empower emerging leaders to weave a new fabric of society.

safe, guided mastery support through mentorship
Step into the profound journey of self-mastery and transformation with Jen’s Mastery Mentorship program. Through this intensive mentorship, you’ll receive unwavering support and guidance as you navigate the depths of your being and unearth your true potential.

Step into your mastery
with your most honest essence

intensive guided mastery mentorship

This mentorship program stands as a beacon of support amidst the chaos and uncertainty engulfing our world. As the flames of change rage around us, I’m drawn to the courageous women who are not just witnessing but actively weaving the fabric of a new society.

With the world shifting beneath our feet, making a one-year investment may feel daunting. That’s why, for the remainder of 2024, I’m offering this transformative journey in flexible monthly custom option or a 3-month intensive. It’s about empowering you to navigate the tumultuous currents of change with grace and resilience, one step at a time.

Intuitive Guided Mastery

3-Month Mentorship Intensive
$ 2,250
includes $300 savings
Mind Alchemy Discovery
Mind Alchemy Vision & Embodiment
Quantum Hypnosis Full Session
Mastery Archetype Signature
Quantum Visualization Support
3, 30-Min Check-In Calls
Unlimited Messaging Support
One-time pay shown in pricing includes a $300 savings
Get all payment plan options during free consult

Intuitive Guided Mastery

Accessible When You Need It
$ 300
Monthly, No Commitment
1 80-Min Session
1 30-Min Check-in
Visualization & Embodiment Work
Quantum Visualization Support
Unlimited Async Messaging Support
Book your free consult to discuss
get promo code for 1st month

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. The program is designed to meet you wherever you are on your journey, providing tailored guidance and support.

Sessions are typically scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your preference and needs, ensuring consistent support and progress. We will customize your schedule during your consultation.

Making this type of investment requires commitment to your sessions and communication. However, the program offers flexibility which we will design during your consult call. 

We understand that it’s a significant commitment. That’s why we offer a complimentary consultation (with no expectations of commitment) to discuss your goals and determine if the program is the right fit for you.

Absolutely. You’ll have access to ongoing support via email or messaging between sessions, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

Yes, absolutely. Like everyone, a consult is required to pass the vibe check and make sure we are aligned for the work. I care less about how a person identifies and more about where they are in their journey and the energy they seek to put out into the world.

The Sanctuary Community and Cohorts are the only spaces held exclusively for women in my practice.

meet jen

alchemist. weaver. transformation master.
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Professionals mentored
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Jen is a lifelong transformation enthusiast, master facilitator of change, and creator of The Five Horizon Practice and HEARTS method. She is an intuitive seer, mind alchemist, and weaver. Attuned as a master in nine energy modalities and certified quantum regression practitioner, Jen delivers potent experiences.

Hello, Lovely!

I create safe, transformative spaces for powerful women to activate their mastery.