Forbes: How Senior-Level Candidates Can Make Their Resumes Stand Out

How Senior-Level Candidates Can Make Their Resumes Stand Out

As a seniorlevel candidate, you have a lot of experience to draw from, and because of this, your resume is in danger of becoming diluted. Writing a functional resume that focuses on your biggest career accomplishments is one solution.

If you’ve been in the same job for a number of years, most likely, you are a little rusty when it comes to applying for jobs. Consider hiring a professional to help you, and start reaching out to your network as early as possible.

Changing companies at this point in your career can be tough, but with a smart strategy you’ll land the next opportunity smoothly. Here, professional coaches from Forbes Coaches Council offer their advice to help you submit a flawless resume.

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Create a Functional Resume

Create a functional resume that highlights your top three sweet spots and related successes. You may even choose to have a separate page with “Challenges and Results” for highlighting key wins. At a senior level, it should be assumed you can deliver on basic tasks related to a role, separating yourself as to why you, the person for the organization, are more valuable.  – Jen Kelchner

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