Forbes: 10 Personality Traits That Get In The Way Of Growing Your Business

10 Personality Traits That Get In The Way Of Growing Your Business

Demand is high for your product. You just put new processes in place and made several new hires. All in all, you’re on track to grow your business.

Under pressure, however, emotions run high and harmful personality traits can take over without you even realizing it. Whether it’s micromanagement, perfectionism or inconsistency, learning to identify and manage these traits is crucial to keeping your business moving forward. Below, 10 business coaches from Forbes Coaches Council tell you what to look out for.

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Your emotional intelligence is huge to your business growth especially as you embrace authenticity. Emotional intelligence will allow you to connect with and attract a wider client base. They will become interested in you and the value you offer. You’ll also become more coachable and open minded to new perspectives. Increase your emotional intelligence and see your relationships grow in value, which will lead to more business. – Jen Kelchner

This article has a mention by Jen Kelchner or is authored by Jen Kelchner and was originally posted on Jen Kelchner is a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council and frequently writes on leadership and the workplace.

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