Forbes: 10 Daily Work Habits Every Young Leader Should Adopt

10 Daily Work Habits Every Young Leader Should Adopt

Everything related to your career is a process, and what you do now will have far-reaching effects on your future. That’s why being intentional about your daily work habits is essential, perhaps even more so for young would-be leaders just getting started. No matter what your job title is today, by focusing on the small things, you can hone your leadership skills and put your career on the right track.

Which work habits are most beneficial to cultivate? Below, 10 business and career coaches from Forbes Coaches Council share their recommendations — and a few words of advice too.

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Create a Habit of Release

Leaders carry a lot of weight and responsibility for the people or organizations they lead. Creating a “habit of release,” whether that is meditation, journaling or something else, will aid in releasing what you are holding from the previous day. Doing this daily creates balance, improves energy management, and will have you fully engaged in the present. – Jen Kelchner

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