What it is like working with Jen?
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Hypnosis Experience

Forward Thinking!

Jen is a dynamic visionary and forward thinking leader. Jen cuts right to the heart of the situation and provides deep clarity and a road map for success. A true balance of spiritualality, reality and vision! I highly and genuinely recommend Jen to help facilitate success on your personal and professional journey.

Ron M., Pennsylvania

Bold Authentic Guide!

Jen has guided me through so much, and helped me to honor soul and spirit in ways that literally shift my life. She is intuitive and honest while being kind and gentle. I definitely recommend her!!!

Courtney F., Iowa

Finding New Awareness

It was a great session, Jen is very intuitive and warm. She helped my find important insights and discover and clear rooted issues in this session. Many new things were uncovered and I got new understanding about old issues. I felt a lot more clear after the session and I'm looking forward to all the changes this session will bring to me. Thanks so much Jen!!

Sandra I., South America

First Time

This was my first time doing anything like this and I was very surprised how well it went and how easily Jen was able to get me where I needed to go. I’m grateful for the insight and the knowledge of places I can go when I’m meditating now.

Zac W., Tennessee

Appreciate her patience

Was uncertain how it would play out but I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of entering into the experience. I also deeply appreciate the patient and gentle guidance I received from Jen. It was amazing! Thank you!!!

Chuck C., Florida

Fantastic Experience!

Similar to what I tell people about psychedelics, I think this is for everyone when you’re ready. The things you will learn about yourself may turn out to be a lot to handle. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means that these sessions will grow and stretch you to your limit. All the “scary” stuff aside, my session was one of the most important and transformational experiences in my life to date. If you’re looking and wondering if this is something for you, then the universe is already pulling you here. Take the plunge. I promise you won’t regret it.

Tony S., Tennessee

About Jen

You are a force of nature, a Titan!

Mukesh, India

You are a weapon of love!

Alex, Bulgaria

I feel understood and comforted.

Client, UK

She is artful and perceptive cutting through complexity.

Client, US

Jen is a delight to work with. She is like magic!

Jim, UK

She thinks so far ahead but makes it important to now.

Client, UK

As a Dialogue Partner

Inspiring messages..

They help articulate inspiring messaging, visions, and create compelling educational learning opportunities that help people better understand concepts.!

Red Hat, Global Government

No bullsh*t

Jen studies her audience and addresses their needs in a no-BS sort of way. Straight talk, practical solutions, immediate impact.

Adele Booysen, Award-Winning Coach