Nine ways work environments will change in the next 15 years

Nine ways work environments will change in the next 15 years

You could say that work environments are the result of an evolutionary process. As generations come and go from the workforce, their values are imprinted on it.

With an increase in technological ability, we are seeing even greater changes to work environments happening more quickly now than ever. What can we expect the future to look like in 15 years? Nine members of Forbes Coaches Council give their answers below.

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The Takeover Of Freelance Society And Maker Economy

Open organization structures, freelance society, maker economy, increased technological advances, and where we work are already transitioning into place. In 15 years, business will be unrecognizable to what we have come to know. Gaining a more broad set of skills over one set of specialty knowledge is paramount to workplace success, as is cultural literacy for the international marketplace.  – Jen Kelchner

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