From the altar, we remove limitations.

From the altar, we remove limitations and move beyond the "should's".

My dear Beauties,

As we start this week, we start from our seat of inner power. (I know. It still feels a bit strange not to start our task list immediately.) Instead, together, we take a few simple moments to connect with ourself, our body, our heart, our mind, and our spirit.

I’m walking this journey with you right now. Restructuring my flow. Resetting my containers. Creating more sacred moments and spaces for living ritual in my day. Allowing for the making of my coffee to become a ritual. Making more space for more self-care at the start of the day. Even if it is five minutes, join me. 

My Lovelies, it is time.

Now is the time to move. Our time of pondering how to change the world around us and allowing ourselves to be limited and stuck is over.

Do not confuse the action of movement with the energy of driving. We move with feminine intelligence that flows as needed. We are not machines. We are not designed to be optimized and on at all levels all of the time. Your feminine intelligence is coded in your cells. (re)Awaken it.

So today we leave the “should’s” behind. We lean into our feminine essence and power to shape the world around us and to magnetize our field. Attracting in all of the beautiful things we desire in our personal life and business. 

Find harmony and resonance with your day – with people, with things, with your actions. 

Be kind to your nervous system and reduce the overstimulation. Allowing yourself to hear the heartbeat of the universe again. To sense the energy around you without confusion. 

Explore and be curious. Curiosity is a divine gift. 

Answer your heart’s call and begin to journal where it is taking you.

Unearth more of the real you this week. You contain multitudes within. You can express more than one aspect of yourself.

Acknowledge and appreciate the glimmers in the day, for they are magical moments often found in the mundane.

Remember, I am with you in spirit this week, as are millions of awakened, empowered women around the planet. You are never alone.

from the altar,

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Share what you added to your sacred time today. What glimmers did you notice? What are you embodying right now? What did you unearth about yourself?


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