From the altar, we light the beltane fires.

From the altar, we light our fires and head out on unmarked trails.

My dear Beauties,

Today is Beltane or May Day. Beltane is a Celtic celebration that involves lighting fires on sacred hills. A way of blessing the fields, communities, and all inhabitants. It is a time of flourishing growth with this celebration continuing in modern times. It is considered the half-way point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. 

As the world is burning down around us – deconstructing and decomposing itself in a fascinating death spiral – we can take heart in the shared collective rising at this time.

Today, on this May Day, I am sending out a call to all of you. Let us light our fires on our sacred hills. Let us send out a vibrational beacon to each other and begin to weave our new fabric of society. Let us each bring our unique color and threads of mastery to this large tapestry. Not to patch the holes of the old and hope we can hold on a bit longer. But rather to begin fresh and new.

It is time to walk the unmarked trails into this new frontier. It is time to move and commit to your sacred endeavors. It is time to use our mastery to repair the world and empower those who are just rising.

This is where my heart and passion lies. Repairing the world. Building inclusive, thriving communities. Setting up new systems and structures. Mentoring our emerging leaders. Weaving a new fabric of society that is liberated and expresses all of its beautiful colors.

Light your fire with me tonight – a candle will do – and commit to your own sacred, unmarked trail. I’ll see you soon on socials, until then, LIGHT IT UP!

from the altar,

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