From the Altar, we reclaim what has always been ours.

From the altar, we reclaim what has always been ours.

My dear Beauties,

As I write this, I’m still in shock of choosing the name “The Altar” for these journal like posts. I have spent years working through my religious traumas and distaste for so many associated words. Recently though, wounds have healed, chapters closed, and the era of reclamation has begun. A time of taking back the stolen – including words and their power.

This side of myself – this gift of knowing that I want to share with you – is a sacred part of myself. These notes and ruminations are my experience and insights that I hope will provide truths you can use in your journey.

No longer will I associate The Altar with guilt, shame, fear, repentance, salvation, embarrassment, humiliation, and pleading. It is no longer a place to give away one’s power. It is a place to know one’s power.

The Altar is a sacred place within ourselves. A seat of power and knowing. A place of interconnectedness with the universe and the world around us. It can be a place of quiet introspection or a wild celebration. It is a place to ‘light things up’.

As you read through these pages may you also find what is holy, sacred, honest, and beautiful within yourself. Reclaim your power, your energy, your traditions, your words – take it back, it was never theirs to begin with.

from the altar,

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