Forbes: 12 Experts Discuss The Difference Between Leadership And Influence

12 Experts Discuss The Difference Between Leadership And Influence

Leadership and influence are related (and even sometimes used interchangeably), but they’re not one and the same. If your goal is to become a leader and an influencer, understanding the difference is crucial.

For coaches whose job it is to help managers, executives and entrepreneurs master the skills they need to lead effectively, subtleties like these matter a great deal. Below, 12 Forbes Coaches Council members explain each concept in depth and offer some high-level examples to illustrate the impact of each.

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Influence Can Happen Without Leadership Yet Will Be Fleeting

Being a leader has more to do with who you are than influence. Influence can happen without leadership yet will be fleeting. The magic formula is impact + grow + leadership= influence. Create areas of impact and growth for others in your life/business as you walk out being who you are as a leader. This combination creates organic influence and leaders become beacons for change. – Jen Kelchner

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