Forbes: 10 Strategies For Regaining Focus After A Stressful Situation

10 Strategies For Regaining Focus After A Stressful Situation

Time pressure may cause professionals to work more to accomplish their daily responsibilities. Oftentimes, this means rushing too quickly from task to task.

This can make it especially challenging to be fully present with what we are doing, especially if the previous task was stressful. How do we fully “show up,” then, when the last task is still fresh in our minds? Below, Forbes Coaches Council members explain:

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Choose A Response Time And Stick With It

Determine how much time you will give to an “emotional issue.” This is your response time. When any stressful or emotional situation arises, allow yourself the appropriate processing and human response within your pre-set limit. You stay in control and allow for the needed response mentally and emotionally. Breathe, exhale and move into the next space ready to connect without distraction.

– Jen Kelchner

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