Mind Alchemy Sessions

removing limitations

Find the root block. Remove thought barriers. Trust your intuition.

Let's keep it super simple.

These are 60-minute, virtual sessions via video call (camera optional).  I’ll facilitate a constructive dialogue on your specific topic in a safe environment with open dialogue. 

Need an accommodation?

I’m happy to accommodate beyond a video call. Let me know what your needs are and I’ll work to find a reasonable solution for us both.

Mind Alchemy

1:1 Virtual Coaching
$ 150
60-Min session
Recorded session
Session notes

Expand your awareness
& remove barriers

Together, we will use one of my most powerful interventions for finding the root cause of a thought or belief. We will then reframe it so you can continue to expand, shift and grow.

You’ll leave the session with a digital copy so you can continue post-session.

What is mind alchemy?

An intuitive mind alchemy session is a unique and transformative experience designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom and unleash your full potential. During the session, Jen, who is an intuitive, will guide you in developing trust in your own intuition. Intuition is an innate ability we all possess, allowing us to access deep insights and make decisions that align with our truest selves. By learning to trust and embrace your intuition, you can unlock new perspectives and possibilities for growth and personal development.

The core of an intuitive mind alchemy session lies in the concept of “mind alchemy,” which is the process of transforming your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to overcome barriers and create positive change. Throughout the session, Jen will engage you in powerful exercises and dialogue to help you uncover the root issues that may be holding you back. By expanding your thinking and shifting your mindset, you will be able to release these mental blocks and access a newfound sense of clarity and direction. Embrace the transformative power of intuitive mind alchemy, and embark on a journey towards self-discovery and personal growth.

Developing your own intuition and insights

Most of us have been conditioned to suppress our feelings and “gut” responses, or we simply don’t trust what we are getting. During sessions, we use techniques that can be easily replicated at any time in your daily life to validate and build trust with yourself again. 

You’ll build your “intuition muscles” to:

Meet your practitioner

Jen Kelchner

Jen Kelchner

Mind Alchemist & Conscious Change Facilitator
Jen Kelchner is a lifelong transformation enthusiast, master facilitator of change, and creator of The Five Horizon Practice and HEARTS method. She is an intuitive seer, and mind alchemist, attuned as a master in nine energy modalities, and certified hypnosis practitioner. Jen has been a practicing coach for more than 15 years.