Thank you & Welcome!

Intuitive Mind Alchemy Sessions

Congratulations on taking the steps in your
transformational journey with Mind Alchemy Sessions!

01. Book Your Session

Get it on the books! Schedule your call with Jen next. In the session, you will discuss your discovery notes and do guided intuitive work to unmask and unearth.

02. Read the Disclaimer

This book holds your journal prompts, assessment links, and discovery worksheets that will be used in crafting your mastery archetype signature. Please make sure to complete the required sections in advance of call.

03. Prepare

This session may be different than any coaching session you've had before.

With 20 years of coaching and mentoring individuals, teams, and leaders in global organizations, I have learned what works and what doesn't. I infuse this extensive knowledge with intuitive insight and energy modalities to help catalyze your change. 

Be thinking of...

I suggest you spend some time thinking about what the challenge and set of issues is that you're facing before our discussion. It will help to maximize your session time. Create a list of questions or generalized thoughts you're having to review.

04. Day of Session

Your space set up

Your session is virtual so it is best to have a quiet space to freely speak openly.  

Let me know of any accommodations you may need to make you feel comfortable during your virtual session. This might look like no camera on or a break at mid-point for a few moments.

It is preferable that you use headphones (or earbuds) with a microphone as we will record your session. Make sure your internet connection is stable. 

Have a journal or notebook to write down your thoughts and any action items we uncover.
Bring your notes from your prep time.

Invite what you need in your space: light a candle, burn incense, bring your favorite crystals - whatever feels good to you!

Be on time for your session and we'll see you there!

05. During Session

What we'll do together

My intuitive capabilities always come into play and I'll share any messages or knowledge I'm receiving with you. You'll decide what resonates with you to process during or after the session, of course. 

We'll settle in for a few moments and set and discuss your intention for your session and open a sacred space. We will then collaborate as we progress through our deconstruction, unmasking and unearthing process to break down the walls of false realities. Lastly, we'll review key insights from our time together laying out next steps for your journey before we close the sacred space.

06. Post Session

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

I can't overstate how much you'll need to hydrate and flush your system post session. 

While these sessions don't always include energy healing, sometimes they do. Flushing your system post-session is always recommended.

Honor your feelings Honor the way you are feeling. It can be a bumpy ride for a few days as this information settles in. There is no right or wrong experience and it is unique to each person.