Seven ways boredom is actually good for you

Seven ways boredom is actually good for you

The life of entrepreneurship includes a great deal of hurry up and wait: periods of nearly overwhelming activity followed by gulfs of quiet, where you can catch up on paperwork and plan your next move. Sometimes, though, those periods of quiet last a touch long, and boredom sets in, leaving your mind to wander.

Yes, there is always something you could be doing, but that something may not be feasible in the time you have available. Strangely, these moments of boredom are not terrible things: They offer a chance to reflect, strategize and create. They can help you catch your breath and discover new and interesting paths right in front of you.

Below, members of Forbes Coaches Council examine the importance of boredom, as well as what you can gain from it.

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Boredom Inspires Us To Expand Horizons

Boredom provides a great opportunity for us to examine ourselves and seek new ways to expand our world and thinking. Learning is the solution. So go on an adventure, try something new, listen to the world around you, read a good book: Get out of the rut that is creating the boredom. Do more. Be more. Live more. – Jen Kelchner

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