Mesh is built around an open, regenerative culture, empowered by a granular, mesh structure to generate connection, visibility and trust.

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The Open Organization Leaders Manual

The Open Organization Leaders Manual is a handbook for anyone attempting to harness the power of openness to lead teams that are more transparent, agile, collaborative, and mission-driven. Newly revised and significantly expanded in its second edition, this book is for anyone interested in building more transparent, agile, collaborative, and mission-driven organizations.

The Open Organization Workbook

The Open Organization Workbook features contributions from more than 30 managers, educators, technologists, consultants, and other experts, who offer concrete and actionable strategies for putting the principles of transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community into practice.

The Open Organization Definition

The Open Organization Definition outlines five characteristics of open organizations—transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community—and explains how they can serve as a foundation for new organizational behaviors, systems, and structures. (an illustrated Guide)