Forbes: Six Nonverbal Communication Mistakes That Could Tank Your Next Job Interview

Six Nonverbal Communication Mistakes That Could Tank Your Next Job Interview

These days, competition for the most desired jobs is steep. With so few openings available, it’s important to make the best impression you can at every stage of the recruiting process, from your application materials to your in-person interview with the company’s hiring manager.

Chances are, you’ve practiced your interview responses and picked out your clothes in advance. But half the battle is the impression your body language is conveying, intentionally or not. Fidgeting? Bone-crushing handshakes? Even these little mistakes can make a hiring manager think twice.

Six coaches from Forbes Coaches Council share the most common nonverbal mistakes that could cost you the job if you’re not careful.

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Not Being Present

Looking at your watch during an interview implies you have better things to do. It is a quick killer of the interest your interviewer may have held in you moments before. A seasoned interviewer will see and understand a measure of nervousness. However, if you are giving off cues that you would rather be somewhere else, you won’t be getting a callback or offer. – Jen Kelchner

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