Forbes: Seven Ways To Handle Losing Your Job

Seven Ways To Handle Losing Your Job

No matter what the circumstances are, losing a job is a life-altering event. The absence of purpose, routine, personal value — nevermind a paycheck — is terrifying.

First, stay calm. Take time to evaluate your finances and form a plan for what’s next. Try not to let your emotions run the show. Losing your job doesn’t mean you’re a failure; it just means whatever you were doing wasn’t right for you. Think of it as an opportunity to find something more in line with who you are and what you want.

Below, seven coaches from Forbes Coaches Council offer their advice on how to move forward.

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Look at This Moment as an Opportunity

Let go of the associated emotions and reframe this as a great opportunity. Reconnect with what you really desire for your career and life; reset your goals to align with that desire, and create a plan of action to execute. That plan should lead you to an organization and role that fits your vision. You’ll find yourself thriving very quickly!

– Jen Kelchner

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