Forbes: Seven Strategies To Position Yourself As A Leader At Work

Seven Strategies To Position Yourself As A Leader At Work

If you’re new to your job or organization, getting recognition (and perhaps a promotion) as quickly as you would like isn’t always easy. Some companies will have a very traditional hierarchy, requiring that you cozy up to the right leaders in the company in order to move forward; other more open organizations might reward you for being a great team player who values communication.

Regardless of what type of company you’re working for, if you know you have the skills to lead, it’s on you to demonstrate that to the right people. By understanding where you fit in, branding yourself correctly and identifying opportunities to show your leadership skills, you can accelerate your career.

Below, seven leadership and career coaches from Forbes Coaches Council share seven proven strategies for getting where you want to go this year:

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Maintain Confidence and Create Connections

Someone’s depth or breadth of experience isn’t what qualifies them as a leader. It’s more about the inherent gift and drive a person brings to the table that attracts and influences. In order to position yourself as a leader, you must embrace and maintain confidence in who you are and create authentic connections with those you want to influence. – Jen Kelchner

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