Seven Strategies Introverts Can Use To Become Effective Leaders

Seven Strategies Introverts Can Use To Become Effective Leaders

While they’re certainly not the loudest voices in the room, introverts possess unique traits that can make them highly effective leaders, including the abilities to listen well and empathize. A quiet nature, however, can make even the most confident introvert question whether or not they can ever measure up to the more outspoken leaders in the office.

Luckily, resources abound for these “quiet” leaders, and it’s an issue many career and executive coaches confront regularly in their work. Below, seven coaches from Forbes Coaches Council share their best tips for how introverts can harness their strengths to not only step up, but lead with power and conviction.

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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Don’t suffer from the killer of comparison. Great leaders operate from a place of confidence in what they bring to the table and allow that to attract and influence their followers. Attempting to be someone you are not is a natural repellent. Being “on” all time drains you, so don’t forget to find a quiet place and recharge, even if it’s only for a few moments before your next encounter. – Jen Kelchner

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