Forbes: Seven Practices That Distinguish Great Managers From The Rest

Seven Practices That Distinguish Great Managers From The Rest

There are plenty of good managers out there. They’re efficient, productive, and ensure employees meet objectives. In other words, they get the job done.

Once in a while, however, you’ll come across a great manager — one who not only supervises but leads, inspires and connects with their team on a higher level. These managers go above and beyond, contributing to their team’s success as well as the company’s.

Here, seven career and business coaches from Forbes Coaches Council share the practices that turn mere managers into leaders. Keep these in mind whether you’re looking to hire a key manager for your company or are developing your own leadership skills.

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Develop Your Employees

There is a distinct difference between manager and leader by definition. A greatmanager will be both. Taking the time to develop their people will produce a higher level of performance and productivity from their team. It is also a significant boost for the organization, which sees less turnover and improved morale. – Jen Kelchner

This article has a mention by Jen Kelchner or is authored by Jen Kelchner and was originally posted on Jen Kelchner is a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council and frequently writes on leadership and the workplace.


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