Forbes: How To Recover From A Job Layoff

How To Recover From A Job Layoff

If you work in the corporate world, chances are, at some point, you’ll get laid off. But how do you bounce back quickly and explain the situation during a new job search?

Many worry that a layoff, or multiple layoffs, could play poorly for future job prospects. According to several members of Forbes Coaches Council, however, there are some simple fixes. To start with, you need to reformat your resume, be transparent about your situation, and align your talents with the job you want. Only then can you strategically position yourself to get back in the game.

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Know What You Bring to the Table

Take the time to do a personal inventory list including personal experiences you’ve overcome in life, any unpaid or volunteer work, and finally your natural gifts and talents. You will see what makes you a great asset for an employer. It also boosts your confidence. Remember you are not a resume and your history is rich — draw from it!

– Jen Kelchner

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