Forbes: Eight Surprising Truths About Leadership That Can Help You Excel

Eight Surprising Truths About Leadership That Can Help You Excel

Even if you’re not a leader in your career (yet), you surely work for some strong leaders; it might surprise you to understand just how much they want you to succeed. What’s more, it might surprise you to learn that many of the traits or rules that helped them excel were ones they stumbled on only after a few missteps.

Below, eight coaches from Forbes Coaches Council each explain one surprising thing about leadership that they wish they’d known when first starting their career. If you’re aspiring to do bigger things this year, these eight observations might help you get there a little bit faster.

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It Isn’t a Role You Get Promoted To

I wish I had understood early on that leadership is not a job title. My management transitions would have been easier if I’d embraced the natural influence I had with my peers. Leading and influencing comes from inside a person who engages authentically with those around them. Some of the greatest leaders I’ve worked with have led from the bottom up and made a great impact on the organization.  – Jen Kelchner

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