Forbes: Considering Team Building? Here’s How To Prepare Your Employees

Considering Team Building? Here’s How To Prepare Your Employees

Team building helps team members see each other in a different way by opening up new ways of connecting and communicating  — something that can be highly beneficial when working on tough problems in a work setting.

The idea of team building can raise a lot of anxiety for people who are used to interacting with their colleagues one type of way on a daily basis. What can leaders do to mitigate this feeling when bringing on a coach for team building? Eight members of Forbes Coaches Council explain below.

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Let Them Know You Are Investing In Them And Their Future

Negate any negative feelings about there being problems. Instead, communicate that this is a personal investment in them and their future. Unpack how leveraging a coach creates a smoother work environment and greater success for everyone. If you show why it is in their best interest, not the company’s, you will see the change you are looking for. –  Jen Kelchner

This article has a mention by Jen Kelchner or is authored by Jen Kelchner and was originally posted on Jen Kelchner is a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council and frequently writes on leadership and the workplace.


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