Forbes: 13 Ways To Deal With Unexpected Career Turns

13 Ways To Deal With Unexpected Career Turns

Many people end up with jobs and lives they didn’t expect. If you’re unhappy with the direction your career has taken, however, not all is lost — changing your circumstances can start with a simple mindset shift.

We asked Forbes Coaches Council to provide one tip for achieving greater alignment between your passion and your daily work, especially considering that competition is often fierce and you may be forced to take a job you didn’t plan for. Their best tips are below.

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Create A Personal Mission Statement

Create a one-sentence personal mission statement that sums up your foundation of purpose in life. For instance,”To affect a change in people and places every day.” It becomes a guardrail for your day-to-day actions and decisions. You will always be in alignment regardless of the temporary work situation you are in. You’ll always have a sense of achievement and satisfaction daily if you do this.

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