Forbes: 12 Ways Companies Can Create More Trust In Their Leadership

12 Ways Companies Can Create More Trust In Their Leadership

Studies have shown that mutual trust within organizations corresponds to stronger financial results — but that’s not all. According to a survey from HCI , it also influences employee retention, engagement and productivity. “Trust is a decision we all make to empower others to affect us — and it is created around the interactions we have based on that decision,” states the report.

When leaders are competent at what they do, meaning they effectively communicate and show trust in their employees, a natural dynamic develops where those behaviors are mirrored back to them. Below, we asked 12 members of Forbes Coaches Council to name one strategy that larger companies can use to create more trust in leadership. Here’s what they said:

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Be Open With Your Failures

Along with transparency, leaders need to be vulnerable with what may be perceived as failures. It isn’t about spinning a situation anymore. It is about being honest and forthright with what didn’t work and what we are going to do about it together. People want to know they are part of something bigger. Seeing these qualities in leadership will begin to forge tighter bonds of trust and loyalty.

– Jen Kelchner

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