Forbes: 10 Ways To Make Everyone On Your Remote Team Feel Connected

10 Ways To Make Everyone On Your Remote Team Feel Connected

Telecommuting continues to be on the rise as more companies realize its various benefits, such as greater productivity, better retention, and lower real estate and overhead costs.

However, one aspect of remote work seems to worry some, and that’s the interpersonal factor, or, rather, how a lack of face-to-face interactions might affect work. As the traditional work environments that we know begin to shift, companies are adapting as well. If you’re concerned about how your remote team might stay connected, members of Forbes Coaches Council offer their advice below.

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Establish Daily Check-Ins

Daily communication and connections can happen through a knowledge commons such as Slack. Set a routine for a daily or weekly team video chat that allows for business overview and a designated time for sharing team wins. Always find a time to incorporate informal conversation so the team members are connecting on a personal level. Their collaboration will be far richer with this strategy.   –  Jen Kelchner

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