Forbes: 10 Reasons The Smartest Employees Are Underperforming

10 Reasons The Smartest Employees Are Underperforming

While the source of motivation at work is different for everyone, there may be some key reasons smart employees are underperforming. Whether it’s time management or an overwhelming amount of tasks, recognizing the reason is the first step leaders can take in order to create higher engagement again.

We asked 10 coaches of Forbes Coaches Council why they think the smartest employees may be underperforming and what to do about it. Here’s what they said.

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Lack Of Purpose And Adventure Creates Boredom

Smart people deeply need to solve problems. In particular, solving problems to something they feel has a bigger purpose. Engagement and productivity is directly tied to taking on these adventures to create innovative solutions. Provide opportunities for them to do this, and you’ll see the shift. Bonus: It inspires the whole team and creates a stronger service and product. –  Jen Kelchner

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