Preparing for your
quantum hypnosis session


So, you’ve just booked your session! Congratulations!

You’ll need to make sure that your session is paid within 24 hours of booking or we will ask you to reschedule.


You’ve set things in motion!

Become aware of any interesting thoughts, questions or dreams you may be having and journal them. Often clients find that they are receiving information in advance of their session. 


It is recommended you drink a lot of water before and after your sessions. 

What does….

Have 10 questions prepared for your session that can range from “I’ve always wondered about…” to “What does this mean to me”. You’ll review them with your practitioner before you start.

day of session

Your space set up

You’ll need to be in a quiet room that isn’t too bright. 

Have a comfortable space you can recline and set up a webcam to capture your experience.

Wear headphones or earbuds with a microphone as we will record your session. 

You may want a blanket for comfort.

You’ll need a glass of water. 

Then be on time for your session and we’ll see you there!

post session

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

I can’t overstate how much you’ll need to hydrate and flush your system post session. 

I recommend you have grounding foods immediately after – snacks such as nuts or root vegetables are good for this.

You will feel a bit “out of it” for the remainder of the day and we recommend you wait at least 30 mins before driving after your session.

Honor your feelings

Honor the way you are feeling. It can be a bumpy ride for a few days as this information settles in. There is no right or wrong experience and it is unique to each person.