Preparing for your call


Hi. Hello. Welcome!

We are excited to hold space for you!

Thank you for booking! As these are pretty quick turnaround sessions, I don’t have a firm cancellation or rescheduling policy. You may cancel or reschedule up to 30 minutes before a session. There is no refund for missed sessions.


What’s going on?

You don’t have to do anything really. It is helpful if you jot down a few thoughts that are roaming around in your mind so you’ll know where you want to start.

These are not recorded calls like coaching sessions.

day of session

Make yourself comfortable

Your session is virtual so it is best to have a quiet space to freely speak openly.  

Let me know of any accommodations you may need to make you feel comfortable during your call. I’m happy to use an alternative method like direct messaging or voice messaging to accommodate using WhatsApp or Signal.

Last minute request for accommodation? Email me!

during session

What we’ll do together

This isn’t coaching. I’m here to hold space for you without judgment and with compassion. If you like, I’ll offer feedback that may offer validation to your experience or offer clarity where there is confusion. Again, this will depend on the moment and what you’re seeking.