My statement on the ongoing global crisis

As a person – Jen Kelchner – and as the business owner of LDR21 LLC, a thought leader, and an advocate for human-centric transformation, I am deeply committed to aligning our company’s values and actions with my personal beliefs. At this point in our history, I must articulate where we stand on critical global issues to ensure transparency and authenticity in our operations.

Our values reflect our unwavering dedication to justice, equality, and human rights. As such, we stand against atrocities such as genocide in countries around the world, including the ongoing crisis in Palestine. We vehemently oppose the enslavement of peoples and any form of oppression or discrimination.

We are dedicated to translating our values into concrete actions that make a difference. This includes implementing vetting protocols to ensure our collaborators and partners share our commitment to human rights and social justice. While our decision-making process is guided by intuition and knowing, we use factual information and data to ensure that we uphold our values in every aspect of our work.

We are continuously learning and evolving, open to growth and improvement in all areas. We pledge to use our platform and voice to support global and local initiatives that align with our values, amplifying the voices of those who are marginalized and oppressed.

At Jen Kelchner and LDR21, we believe that business should be a force for good in the world. Our values drive every decision we make, and we are committed to using our influence to create positive change. Together, we can build a more just, equitable, and compassionate world.

Jen Kelchner, Founder

People over Profit. Humanity over Greed.

We commit to:


Commitment to Human Rights, Peace, and Sustainability:

– Advocating for human rights, peace, and sustainability on a global scale.
– Supporting initiatives and organizations dedicated to these causes.

Decolonization Efforts:
– Learning to decolonize language and systems within our business operations.
– Challenging and dismantling patriarchal and misogynistic systems of power.
– Striving for more equitable, community-driven, and empowered human-centric systems.

Transparency and Accountability:
– Providing transparency regarding our values, actions, and decision-making processes.
– Being accountable for our actions and open to feedback and dialogue.

Continuous Learning and Growth:
– Committing to ongoing education and self-reflection to better understand and address social justice issues.