11 Ways to decide if it’s time to pivot your business

11 Ways to decide if it’s time to pivot your business

Knowing when to stay the course and when to evolve is key to your business’s relevance in the current market. However, it’s not always clear if something is working, and even if it’s not working now, what’s to say it won’t work next week, month or quarter?

We asked 11 members of Forbes Coaches Council below how to decide when it’s time to evolve. Here’s what they said.

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Look At Your Impact 

If you as a leader or business owner have stopped experiencing personal or professional growth, it’s time to pivot. If your business has been stalling or decreasing, it is time to pivot. Look at the market shifts and find places needing disruption. Look at adjusting your models. Remember that you can pivot and stay in alignment with who you are and what your business represents. – Jen Kelchner

This article has a mention by Jen Kelchner or is authored by Jen Kelchner and was originally posted on Forbes.com. Jen Kelchner is a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council and frequently writes on leadership and the workplace.


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